Best Hammock Straps for Backyard & Backpackers
The Ultimate Review

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A hammock is not much use without hammock straps and the majority of hammocks don’t come with straps! So you will need to decide what straps you want to buy to hang your hammock. The good news is that there is a great range of hammock straps available but to a first time “hammock hanger” this may seem overwhelming. But don’t worry this guide will show you the main areas to consider when making your purchase and ensure you get the best hammock straps to hang your hammock. I have selected a number of the most popular hammock straps including some I own personally so I can give you a real and honest opinion on what I think of them. If you want to read the hammock review you can read it here: Best Hammock for Camping & Backyard.

Hammock Straps Reviewed

How to Choose the Best Hammock Straps

OK - let’s be honest - hammock straps are not exactly rocket science! YES - they have to be functional - no one wants to hit the ground in the middle of the night or have them fall apart after one weekend in the back yard but beyond that they are basically just 2 pieces of webbing! So what things should you look for when buying hammock straps?

Hammock Strap length

I don’t know if you had noticed but trees don’t always grow the same distance apart and are not always the same thickness. So to accommodate Mother Nature hammock straps have two important features, strap length and sewn in loops. Straps tend to come in 2 lengths “Regular/ Standard” and “XL” (extra long). There is no industry agreement on what these lengths are so as a rough guide:

Regular = 8 feet to 10 feet and XL = anything over 10 feet (typically 12 feet to 13 feet).

If you know you tend to camp in an area where trees are far apart or if you just want that extra reach then go for an XL strap like ENO Atlas XL suspension system or Helios XL system.

Number of loops (adjustment points)

All of the hammock straps in this review have multiple loops sewn along the length of the strap which are used to adjust the point at which the hammock is attached to the straps. The hammock attachment point is VERY important as this determines the angle the hammock will hang at and determines how comfortable the hammock is to lie in! It can make the difference between a good night’s sleep and no sleep and a visit to a chiropractor!

So what does this all mean?

Having multiple loops on the strap allows you to select which loop you want to attach the hammock to. You want to try and have the same straight line distance between the gathered ends of your hammock every time you hang it so you can get it as comfortable as possible.  Having multiple loops on the strap allows you to achieve this consistent hang even if the trees are different distances apart or the trunks different thicknesses.

This may sound complicated but it really isn’t!

If you just want a backyard hang out hammock then you will not really be concerned with getting the perfect set-up compared with a serious backpacker who sleeps in the hammock for many nights.

All of the straps in this review have more than enough loops to accommodate most situations so don’t worry!

Maximum Weight capacity

Like trees people are all different shapes, sizes and WEIGHT! Hammock straps have a maximum weight capacity quoted by the manufacturer which should be more than enough to accommodate the vast majority of campers so any of the straps in this review should be suitable. However if you are concerned about this then go for the heaviest rating available and also go for a well known brand you trust.

However, don’t forget that the strap is just one component of a “chain” and as we all know “any chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link”. Many hammocks are only rated to a 400 lb weight maximum so worrying about needing a 1000 lb capacity strap may not be worth the effort!

Disclaimer:  I have never seen a strap supplier quote the exact test method used to determine the load bearing capacity and many of the straps which appear to be of a similar construction have different max loads so please ensure your own safety by getting into your hammock gently and never jump in!

Weight of Strap

The weight of the majority of hammock straps in this review are between 11 oz and 16 oz (note the quoted weight also includes the weight of the carabiners). This weight should be fine for car campers and backyard campers. However, If you want an ultra light backpacking hammock set-up then please go for something like the ENO Helios Suspension System (4.1 oz for the standard length and 6.5 oz for the XL version)

Strap Material

Most hammock straps available are constructed from polyester webbing. This produces a lightweight and strong strap which should not stretch and is resistant to the weather. A further advantage is that this material is recyclable compared to other materials such as nylon. Nylon straps are also available (ENO Slap Strap) these straps tend to be cheaper to buy but may not be so resistant to the weather or abrasion. There are a number of straps on the market from different brands which visually and technically appear to be very similar - Please note I am NOT talking about ENO or Kammok. In my opinion it is highly possible that these straps are actually identical items but with different branding. Now this is NOT a negative comment in anyway and this rebranding is common place in many manufactured items. But compare the images, specs and prices of bands so you don't end up paying more for the exact same item!


Although carabiners are not technically part of the hammock strap you will need something to attach the end of your hammock to the straps with. Some manufacturers supply the carabiners with the hammock (ENO and Kammock) and some supply the carabiners with the straps (MalloMe) and some require you to purchase the carabiners separately so please check if you need to buy a pair. One word of caution - remember that the carabiners are all that separates you from the hitting the ground so please ensure you are happy with the quality and weight bearing capability of the carabiner and check that it’s in good working BEFORE you get into your hammock. 

Best Hammock Straps Review

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last few years you will have heard of ENO or Eagle Nest Outfitters. This US firm started in 1999 in Florida with a dream to sell hammocks out of the back of a van at music festivals and has grown ever since to become one of the largest suppliers of parachute hammocks from its HQ in Ashville NC.

atlas hammock straps stuff sac

Atlas straps in the supplied stuff sac.

Atlas hammock strap end loop

The straps attach easily to a tree using the end loop

ENO Atlas Hammock Straps

Straps are rated to 200 lbs each.

atlas hammock strap carabiner

Carabiners are not supplied but attach easily  to the sewn in loops to get a comfortable hammock angle. 

Length & Loops

At 9 foot in length the Atlas Suspension is slightly shorter than the “norm” for hammock straps. There are other "standard" straps in this review longer at 10 to 12 feet in length. The Atlas straps have 15 loops (plus one end loop), this should give you plenty of adjustment to ensure you can get as close as possible to your desired hang angle and comfort whether you are hanging in the backyard or at a remote lakeside camp. The design of the ENO loops are legally covered by US patent 9750329 so in theory you should not see their style of loops in straps from other manufacturers.

Max Capacity

Each strap is rated for 200lbs giving a maximum combined capacity of 400lbs, so that’s about the weight of a female Grizzly bear. ENO hammocks are rated at 400lbs so the straps exactly match the hammock requirements


This is quoted by ENO to be polyfilament webbing so I believe this is polyester like the majority of straps, so they should not stretch or sag with normal use.


The ENO Atlas suspension comes in three color options:

The Atlas - Black webbing with dark blue stitching.

The Atlas Camo - Camo colored webbing which goes well with the ENO CamoNest Hammock.

The Atlas Chroma - For those people who like to stand out in a crowd there is the Atlas Chroma! The Chroma is available in: Neon/Black,  Red/Charcoal and Royal Blue/Charcoal. There is also a “Rasta” (Red/Yellow/Green) version but usually seems to be out of stock so may not always be available.


Atlas straps don’t come with any carabiners so you will need a set if you don’t already have a pair. If you want to match this up with an ENO hammock then don’t worry as all ENO Hammocks come with a quality set of carabiners, as do many other hammocks.

  • Good Reputation
  • More expensive than other brands
  • Shorter than other standard straps

The Helios is ENO’s lightest suspension system.

Weighing just 4.1oz it is over 60% lighter than the Atlas suspension straps. This weight reduction is due to partly to the shorter length of the Helios (8’2” compared to the 9’ Atlas) but mainly due to the difference in design. The Helios system uses the standard 1” wide webbing to loop around a tree but instead of being made entirely of webbing it uses a Dyneema rope (light and strong) to attach to the ends of the hammock. This thinner rope reduces the total weight of the system and allows for much greater adjustment of the attachment point so it really is a WIN - WIN.

Length & Loops

The Helios comes in two length options:

The Helios is 8’2” foot in length and is the shortest of all products in this review. The Helios XL is 13'5" and is just one inch shorter than the Atlas XL strap.

These straps have NO sewn in loops for hammock attachment as this part of the webbing has been replaced by Dyneema rope. The major benefit of the use of the rope is that allows MUCH finer adjustment of the length of the strap to achieve the perfect hanging position. ENO call this their Microtune Adjustment System.

Max Capacity

The Helios is rated for a maximum weight of 300lbs so has the lowest maximum capacity of any of the straps in this review. But this still be more than sufficient for most people.

Strap Weight

The weight of the standard length is 4.1 oz and the XL weighs in at 6.5 oz, both of these are LOW compared with the other straps in this review.


Polyester webbing and lightweight (but strong) Dyneema rope.


This strap is currently only available in grey.


Helios straps don’t come with any carabiners so you will need a set if you don’t already have a pair. If you want to match this up with an ENO hammock then don’t worry as all ENO Hammocks come with a quality set of carabiners, as do many other hammocks.

  • Light Weight
  • Microtune Adjustment
  • Cost
  • times-circle
    No color choice

Kammok were born in 2010 and describe themselves as:  “designing kick ass gear from our HQ in Austin, Texas.”

Length & Loops

The Kammok Python straps (named after the reptile tree hugger) have a length of 10 feet so they should be long enough for most situations and are 1 foot longer than the standard length ENO straps. Each strap has 18 loops so this gives more attachment points than than the slightly shorter ENO Atlas.

Max Capacity

Kammok quote the maximum load capacity to be a hefty 500 lbs so that’s about the weight of a male black bear, just incase you wanted to know!

Strap Weight

The total strap weight is quoted as 12 oz.


The straps are constructed from polyester webbing so they should not stretch or sag with normal use.


They come in a single color choice of grey but have helpful reflective “tracer” stitching to help with visibility in low light conditions.


They don’t come with any carabiners so you will need a set if you don’t already have a pair.  If you want to match this up with a Kammok hammock then don’t worry as all Kammok hammocks come with a quality set of carabiners, as do many other hammocks.

  • Length
  • Number of adjustment loops
  • Lack of color choice

MalloMe offer a range of outdoor products from marshmallow roasting forks (hence the company name) to LED lanterns and hammocks.

Length & Loops

The MalloMe XL hammock straps are each 12 feet in length so they should be long enough for most situations.

Each strap has 20 attachment loops so this gives plenty of attachment points. Like some other suppliers they quote the number of loops as 20 + 1, but the +1 is the loop that ALL straps require to loop around the tree so the true number of attachment loops is 20.

Max Capacity

MalloMe  quote the  breaking strength of each strap to be 1000lbs,  giving a total  strength of 2000 lbs! So that would be  enough for a fully grown male Polar Bear with enough capacity left for St. Louis Rams offensive tackle Terrell Brown at 403 pounds! BUT they then quote the “working load” to be 700 lbs - so sorry no Polar Bear allowed! For this review I will take the capacity to be a more realistic 700 lbs.

Strap Weight

The MalloMe straps are quoted as weighing 16 oz but this also includes the pair of locking carabiners which are included free with the straps.


The webbing material is 100% no stretch polyester.


These straps come in a single color choice which is black webbing with a white triple stitch along the length of the webbing.


A pair of locking carabiners are supplied with these straps so that is useful if you want a spare set or have purchased a hammock without any.

  • Price
  • Includes carabiners
  • Not a well known brand

Length & Loops

Wise Owl Outfitters hammock straps are each 10 feet in length so are a similar length to the majority of  standard length straps. Each strap has 19 sewn in loops so should give plenty of attachment points to accommodate the majority of conditions of tree diameter and spacing.

Max Capacity

The maximum weight capacity of the Wise Owl straps is quoted by the manufacturer to be 400 lbs. This should be sufficient for most adults and will certainly allow 2 kids to lounge in comfortable at the same time.

Strap Weight

The weight of these straps is quoted as 16 oz but this also includes the weight of the 2 carabiners which come with these straps.


These straps are manufactured from polyester so there should be no issues with unwanted stretching or sagging of the straps.


These webbing of these straps is black with a blue contrast stitching.


You will get a pair of carabiners with the Wise Owl straps so that will be of benefit if you have a purchased a hammock without any or just want an extra pair.

  • Comes with Carabiners
  • Not a well known brand

Sahara Sailor supply a number of outdoor products for camping, cycling, hiking and skiing. 

Length & Loops

Sahara Sailor XL hammock straps are each 10 feet in length. Although the length is quoted as XL they are actually a similar length to the majority of  standard length straps. Each strap has 15 sewn in loops, this is the same number as the ENO Atlas straps, so should this should be suitable for most hanging conditions.

Max Capacity

Sahara Sailor quote the maximum weight capacity of each strap to be 700lbs which gives a combined total capacity of 1400 lbs. But to be honest you can’t purchase a hammock that will support 1400 lbs or find a camper of this weight to try them out but if feel safer with higher numbers then maybe these are the straps for you. 

Strap Weight

The weight of these straps is 11 oz which is similar to the slightly shorter Atlas straps. This weight is without the carabiners and is not likely to include the bag as the identical HangTight straps are quoted as weighing 13.2 oz with bag but no carabiners.


These straps are constructed from 100% polyester should should give zero stretch when used.


The webbing of these straps is black with a contrasting green stitching. The bands are triple stitched and the manufacturer highlights the fact that the loops have additional reinforced stitching to give such a high weight capacity.


A pair of carabiners are supplied with these straps. Stainless steel screw locking carabiners are shown to be supplied with these but some reviews show that wire gate carabiners or screw locking are supplied. Not that there is anything wrong with wiregate carabiners but just be aware that you don’t always get what you see in the sales pictures!

  • Price - these straps are cheaper than most of the other straps available
  • You may not get the carabiners you expected!
  • times-circle
    Not a known brand

Nature’s Hangout supply a number of camping related products including hammocks, tarps and bug nets.  

Length & Loops

These straps come in 2 lengths, Standard and XL. The standard straps are 10 feet in length and are advertised as having a total of 16 loops per strap. In reality this means that they have 15 loops to allow you to attach a hammock and 1 loop which is used to loop the strap around a tree. The XL straps are 14 feet in length and advertised as having 24 loops per strap.

Max Capacity

These straps are quoted as having a breaking load of 2200 lbs but with a more realistic working load of 700 lbs.

Strap Weight

The standard length strap has a quoted weight without the carabiners of 13.2 oz and with the carabiners of 14.7 oz, both include the weight of the supplied carry bag. The XL straps have a weight of 15.75 oz with bag and 17.2 oz with bag and carabiners.


The webbing is no stretch polyester. They are triple stitched with reinforced bar tack stitching - identical to the Sahara Sailor straps


These straps are black with contrasting orange stitching.


The HangTight straps can be bought with or without the carabiners. This is a great option for people who don’t need the biners. The carabiners are aluminium of the wire gate type.

  • Supplied with or without carabiners
  • Available in standard or XL 
  • Not a well known brand

Best Backpacking Hammock Strap

ENO Helios

For me there is one clear winner for the best lightweight strap for backpackers or anyone else who wants to keep the weight down and that is the ENO Helios. It is extremely light (4.1oz for the standard length) and also thanks to the Dyneema rope it is plenty strong enough. The "microtune" adjustment system will also be a major benefit to many people.

Read full review: ENO Helios

Best Backyard & Camping Hammock Strap

ENO Atlas & Kammok Python

It is hard to pick a clear “winner” or “best” set of straps suitable for the backyard or camping and all of the products in this review should be capable of suspending a hammock safely and securely in your backyard or favorite campsite. So I have picked two straps from well known outdoor companies. The ENO Atlas  and the Kammok Python. I own a number of straps including the Atlas and am very happy with the quality and construction of the webbing. 

Read full review: ENO Atlas

Read full review: Kammok Python

Best Budget Hammock Strap

Sahara Sailor

If you are on a tight budget then there is nothing wrong with a lesser known brand like Sahara Sailor. These hammock straps would be my budget choice and should be more than capable of meeting most peoples needs. They will not be the lightest available but they come with carabiners and are plenty strong!

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